Tuesday, July 28, 2015

No boring Hot Dog grilling this weekend. Oh no! Time to thrown down something different!

Hoody-hoo y'all! The weather here in Orange County this weekend is expected to reach high 80's and possibly 90ºF! So be adventurous this weekend with your grill, think outside that Hot Dog bun and try one of the following below!

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with Peppers, Olives and PROVOLONE!!!! (Photo preview below) Recipe here--> Stuffed PorkTenderloin

Don't forget the Limes for this one!! Brown Sugar Marinated Short Ribs, oh yum! Recipe here--> Brown Sugar Marinated Short Ribs

 ....last but not least.... drum roll

 WOW!  Hells YAH!! Just click here--> Chile Stuffed Steak

Chile Steak Photo by foodrepublic.com


I have more for you! Summer grilling is not complete with out some drinky-drinks lol! So go right now and get some Bacon Salt and introduce yourself to the "El Marrano" or if you prefer to wing it with your Michelada's check out this article on how to spice them up a bit. YAYA! Give that Beer Cocktail some KICK!

"El Marano" Photo by foodrepublic.com


Happy Summer Grilling!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Let's talk Cocktails and Wine.

Did you know that if you add something like Ginger Ale to Beer that you just made a Beer Cocktail, aka Beertail?  If not then I need to introduce to you the “bible” of Cocktails. I consider it a bible because I was able to search by Alcohol base, quantity, skill level and there is a option for Non-Alcoholic! Let me introduce to you a Tasting Table and Food Republic. Thesse two page has everything!!

Now let's skip the mumbo-jumbo and get right to it. I mentioned Cocktails. I browsed a few recipes and these caught my eye and I really think you should check them out because they did sound glorious! I mean Summer is coming so it's time to break free from the cans of Coors Light and discover a new Beer or  adventure into a Cocktail that has more zing!

Tasting Table:

Just a few suggestions!

And HOT right now on their website is this cocktail called the Pain Killer  <--sounds a-mazing="" font="">

hey! not my photo but it is from Tasting Table, so here is their credit: Photo: Katie Foster/Tasting Table
Now as far as Wine goes at TastingTable.com I suggest you browse the Wine articles you Wino's that read my blog because there is some good stuff written up! But the section called Wine Cellarhttp://www.tastingtable.com/giftguide/best-wines-for-spring-2015 is fantastic! It's presented like it's a museum with 12 different Wines and Champagne. I thought the category “ For a sexy date by yourself” was clever and funny however each category only features 1 Wine or Champagne but the suggestions are great and you may have to go to Bevmo or Total Wine and More to find them. You probably won't find them at a Walmart or Costco.

Now for Food Republic. Make sure you check out the articles on the Beers for Summer Grilling and  Best Beers to drink this Summer!! They are GREAT!!

SO If you click Drink it takes you to many articles. I kinda enjoyed reading some of them! Anyhow Recipes is the section you want if you looking for Drinks. However.. you will have to browse through to find them! I never found their section on Wine but it doesn't matter I was too enthralled with the other sections! LOL!

Anyhow on to their cocktails! So yah.. check this one out Garden Daiquiri and this one Strawberry Army Navy Cocktail and this one New twist on Cuba Libre and this one too Modern Whiskey Sour 

So there you go! New Cocktails for Summer! All in one post for you! I also suggest you check out the food recipes and stuff also on both pages. It is a gold mine!! I am pretty excited to try some of the recipes and if you are apart of the Facebook Page for this blog then you know I have been sharing what comes through my feed from TastingTable and Food Republic. Anyhow that is it for today!

Have a fun time browsing the new web pages on food and drinks!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New idea on the horizon!! This might be exciting or lame!

What up my peeps! Since I last posted I been trying to gather new and unique ideas for the blog and for my cooking skills. I been in the mood to grill but the weather has been shitty and not as hot as I like it to be soo that makes me want to sit inside the house do a Olympic Marathon Netflix day and not blog. I know, how sad,right!? But Summer is coming and I really hope I have new material for you all to enjoy. In the meantime I did come across a new and unique idea for a quick Friday night meal or a Weekday meal or for those days that you just want to sit on your ass and do nothing. 

I kinda stumbled upon this idea when I saw it in my feed on Facebook and I just so happened to be sitting on my ass on the couch doing...nothing lol! Anyhow so it was a post on 5 different ways to snack on a Tortilla by The Kitchn. Naturally I zero'd in on the Tortilla Pizza idea. Me plus Pizza equals my specialty. Since then my mind has been blooming with ideas. Google has been helping with those idea's too! :) My cousin had given me a really good idea of using Crockpot Chicken with a can of Enchilada sauce to make a Mexican Pizza. This will be the first recipe I do for the blog. I feel like I just opened up a new world of unexplored awesomeness!!

The Mediterranean Pizza from the link!

In the meantime if you are thinking that this could be a new adventure in Pizza making here is two recipes I found that sounded super easy, try Mediterranean Tortilla Pizza or Super Simple Tortilla Pizza for starters if you are unsure how it will come out. Also just Google "Tortilla Pizza" and find what may fit your senses! 

Happy Tortilla Pizza making,

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time to start food blogging again! A casual post of what I been up to

Hello my readers! 

I am back after a long break from not food blogging! Took some months off to just not think about food and concentrate on learning my new camera. I have not cooked anything worth blogging lately either so just as well that I didn't waste a post! LOL! 

However I have taken photos of food with my new camera since primarily the reason I bought the Canon was for food photos! As you know I am a Annual Passholder at Disneyland so I take my camera every time I visit the park. Lately I have gotten some good photos of food and treats to show off. Hey wouldn't you want to see what is good to eat if you ever visited Disneyland Resort? I would! I rarely show my Disney stuff in any post but alas they are food photos and this is a food blog, lol! Aaannnd I have non-food photos to show you for no reason then for shits and giggles!

So! Let's get this show on the road! 

BBQ Chicken Flat Bread Pizza. Tasty, tasty meal! Look at that TEXTURE!!

Wine Country Shrimp. This was soo good! Just a small appetizer!

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps. This is my favorite. It's a light meal and very tasty!

There is the food part, now the non-food part! ;) Enjoy they are nice to look at!

Happy Cooking!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

I felt very Housewifey-ish this Christmas. I also have some big news!

I realize my last post was around Halloween. I also realize that I am a bit late for a Christmas post. I have a explanation!! For the time I been MIA I have been working on getting a new camera. I did not want to take another food photo with my old camera so I made a promise to myself no new food blog post until I have the new camera. Plus with Christmas here I was busy buying and wrapping gifts which equals no cooking  going on in my world. Sad but true! I literally have not made one thing since October. 

Fast forward to about a week ago. My mother volunteered me to make and bring Mini Brownie Bites to the family Christmas Eve shindig on the flip side of that I was working my tail off to get my Christmas present to myself here on time before Christmas Eve! 

So what was the mystery gift? Oh just a Canon T3..you know not like I have not been eyeing it on Amazon for a whole year and annoying everyone with my camera envy talk or anything. I finally got it people! I finally got it! This camera is life changing and amazing! Just see the awesome depth of focus in my gift tag photo!

Anyhow not to put you in snooze mode with my big news let's get on with a blog post about food, shall we? About those Brownie Bites. I found some little cupcake\muffin pan liners in a holly design in the back of my closet so I decided to use them. Then got down to biznaz...

They were not anything spectacular. I made them from a box. The only "fancy" thing I did to them was put red and green M&M's in them because they were for the family Christmas Eve dinner. You can see I am not perfect when adding batter to a pan. LOL!

I baked according to what box said. Well wait no.. I take that back.. it said bake for 40 minutes. But these thing were so small 40 minutes would have disintegrated them. So i reduced it to 35 minutes and watched carefully and when I saw with my own eyes they were done I took them out even if the time was not up! 

As tiny as they were, they packed a big mouthful of yummyness! All you need is a box of Brownie mix, M&M's and pan liners and bake according to box but do remember to watch them they can burn quickly! Simple as that!  

Now.. while those were baking I whipped up a small batch of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bark. I was feeling housewifey-ish at that moment and I am not even married, below is the result of that feeling.

The top photos is before it set. How do I get it to set? I put it in the freezer till it's nice and hard! It happens pretty fast! The next photos are after it set. 

Yumm! Just look at the texture!!

I went a bit wild and added Marshmallows, broken up Graham Crackers and drizzles of more Chocolate plus nuts for crunch. To me it was like a S'mores Chocolate Bark and that is what I am calling it! 

I used a total of 2 and half cups of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, 1/2 cup of nuts, 6 Marshmallows cut up and broken up Graham Crackers.. I did not measure how much I used I just put them on. This is tweakable since I did a small batch. The more Chips you got melted the bigger the batch and so on! Don't forget to break them up or cut them after they are all done!

Wa-La! This post is now done! Stay tuned for more posts coming! 

Happy Baking!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wow! Time is just getting away from me! Tomorrow is Halloween already! I have quickly compiled some sweet treats that looked very interesting and yummy for Halloween because you don't need to have the same treats every year, just Candy Corn alone can get boring!! So let's get to it!

From the uber-tastic food blog The Slow Roasted Italian we have Candy Corn Oreo Cookies and Cream Fudge Bars and White Chocolate Ghost Cocktail Shooter! How cute is that Ghost Shooter??! Scroll down on that same page to find various other Halloween themed Shooters!

Found Candy Corn Chocolate Chip Cookies from Polkadots on Parade!

I am baker has a fabulous Caramel Cake with Apple Cider Whipped Cream that looked too good to not share with you all!

(Photo from  I am Baker)
Okay! Ya'll! Have a good Halloween! If I come across any other awesome Halloween treat recipes I will post them!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Very easy Ham and Cheese Gnocchi by Kevin & Amanda

How do I start with this one? Well, originally some other recipe came flying through my news feed on Facebook and I believe I did feature it not to long ago. My Facebook news feed,that is mostly where I see all these awesome things to try and make. Naturally I clicked on the link that led me to Kevin & Amanda's awesome food blog. If you have not checked our their blog yet DO IT! You will not be disappointed. They have become my new favorite food blog, it's like a food bible to me. So anyhow moving on..How I found the Gnocchi recipe was simple, I nosed around for pasta and comfort food recipes. Low and behold I found the Ham and Cheese Gnocchi! Quickly skimming the ingredient list and directions I decided THAT night I'd make it, remember when I said I was stuck for a idea on a weeknight meal? 

It was super simple and super easy to make. I did exactly as Kevin & Amanda had laid out in the recipe, step by step! First process was to cook the Ham bits and Onions. I dropped by my local Albertsons and got already cut up Ham bits because I am stellar like that (and lazy when it comes to cutting up things things). The onions I did do by hand.. sorta. I cheated with the Zyliss chopper dice-y thingy I have. It is a awesome little tool!

So then the next process was the chicken broth and peas and heavy cream, the star of the show, the Gnocchi and then CHEESE

Did I use frozen like they had? Hell yeah I did!  I did say I followed the directions just like it was written! Although they used one skillet the whole way through, I wanted to be a rebel and use  ...wait for it... wait.. wait...a casserole dish to bake it! It ….roughly turned out the same. Not as pretty as their photo but hey looks are not everything. How did it taste? Damn good that's for sure! File this one under it's a winner! :)

Till next time!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


What is a Taco Tuesday with out Tacos!??!! Not a good one that's for sure! I have just the remedy for your Taco Tuesday. Three delicious, simple recipes for you to cook up at home.

First up:

( Photo Creme de la Crumb)

Yeeaaaahhhhh BABY!! Doesn't that look good!?? Oh and it is a 20 minute recipe. Oh Snap!

Second :

( Photo Creme de la Crumb)

This got my mouth watering and now has me craving Coconut and Shrimp!! Mostly just Coconut since I been on this Coconut craze lately!


( Photo by Kevin & Amanda)
If you like spice then this Taco recipe is for YOU!!!

Which Taco recipe will you be trying!?? :) I'd like all three thank you! LOL!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

You know how it goes. It's end of the day after working that 9-5 job, you are tired, the kids are hungry, your hubberpoodlecakes is too and you have ZERO idea of what to make for dinner! I was sorta in that same boat this week. Luckily I saw a post by Kevin & Amanda on a really quick, under 30 minutes, one skillet recipe! 

So what is this super simple recipe!?? Ham and Cheese Gnocchi!

 It's a pretty fast and simple meal! I have not made it yet, but I will! Maybe even tonight since,I, myself am stuck on what to make for dinner tonight. :) But I love Gnocchi though! It is easy to cook up and pairs well with just about any pasta sauce you can think of! After I saw that post it got me thinking as to what other Gnocchi recipes Kevin & Amanda are hiding in their blog! LOL! Well I found THIS one, Creamy Pesto with Bacon and Parmesan. Anything with the words Cream and or Bacon I immediately flock to and so here I am sharing this with you all in hopes that you will try it out!

Doesn't that look good!!!?? Mmmmm!! 

Alright! Well there you go! Two quick mid week meal ideas!

Happy Cooking,

P.S. That post on the OC Fair... It's coommingg!! I swear!!